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Become a Supplier


If you are interested in becoming a supplier with WCWS

below is a downloadable PDF presentation with information for emerging brands and brands currently in the market that have been underserved.  
















If you have further questions about WCWS please call us at 702-263-8997 or email us at





Nevada Registration/Brand Registration


To sell to a wholesale distributor in Nevada, you must obtain a Certificate of Compliance and register all brands with a Wholesaler Designation form (LT08). 

It is the annual responsibility of the suppliers to renew their Certificate of Compliance which needs to be completed prior to June 30 of each year. If we do not have a copy of your current renewed Certificate by August 1 no Purchase Orders can be written.


Links to Forms:




State Tax Information


Nevada Wine tax:

- $1.68 per 9 Liter case under 14%

- $3.12 per 9 Liter case at 14% and over


Nevada Liquor tax:

- $8.64 per 9 Liter case

These taxes are paid monthly by West Coast Wine & Spirits to the state and are a factor in your pricing.

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